The new biogas production and refining plan that was opened in autumn 2014 has the largest production capacity in Finland in terms of biogas for motor vehicles.
The combination of production plants combines LABIO´s biogas and composting processes, with the energy contained in the waste being taken advantage of better than ever. Composting and the recovery of biogas are ideal ways of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the carbon footprint.

• organic material decays and the gas produced from it is refined to correspond to natural gas, with at least 95% methane content
• 50 GWh of biogas is produced a year, which corresponds to the annual fuel consumption for about 4500 cars or 140 city busses
• the gas produced by LABIO is fed into the gas network of Gasum for distribution
• after the decomposition phase the digestate is returned to the composting plant for treatment
• the heat energy arising from the decomposition process is used to heat the biogas plant
• the digestate that comes from the biogas plant is composted in the composting plant to form a raw material for fertilizer or as a raw material for growing media