Biogas is environmental friendliness at its best. The largest production and refining plant for biogas for use in motor vehicles is located in Kujala, (Lahti), where LABIO refines domestic renewable energy in the form of biogas from bio-waste material.

The processing of bio-waste in a combined biogas and composting plant is classified as material recycling, because the final product compost is recycled as material for fertiliser production or as a raw material for soil. (European Commission decision 2011/753/EU, article 2.6)

LABIO´s biogas plant produces as much as 50 GWh of biogas per year, making it the producer with the largest capacity in Finland. The amount of biogas produced annually is enough to provide fuel for 4500 cars. The biogas produced from domestic renewable raw materials is low in emissions and cost. Labio´s partner company Gasum is responsible for the distribution and sale of the refined biogas.

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The advantages of biogas:

• completely domestic and environmentally friendly
• replaces fossil fuels
• renewable raw material: organic waste
• formed as a result of nature´s own decomposition process
• less carbon dioxide emissions when gas is captured
• also from the production viewpoint the most energy efficient biofuel

Biogas of recycled material origin can account for part of the energy needs of an enterprise