Biogas – Cleanly domestic energy

Biogas produced from renewable domestic raw materials is an environmentally friendly choice. It is popular as the lowest-emission and cheapest biofuel for transport.

The digestate coming out of the biogas plant is recycled at our composting plant into fertilizers preparation or soil raw material. Consequently, our treatment of bio-waste is classified as waste recycling (Commission Decision 2011/753 / EC, Article 2.6.).

With an annual production capacity of up to 50 GWh, we are one of the most significant biogas plants in Finland. The production volume corresponds to the annual fuel consumption of 4,500 passenger cars.

Our partner Gasum Oy processes the biogas we produce and is responsible for the distribution and sale of swan-labeled gas.

Benefits of biogas:

  • completely domestic and environmentally friendly:
    • organic waste as a renewable raw material
    • created as a result of a natural putrefaction process
    • the recovered gas reduces CO2 emissions
  • a substitute for fossil fuels
  • the most energy-efficient fuel in production

Biogas of recycled material origin can account for part of the energy needs of an enterprise

Compost products – The growth potential of compost products

We produce about 22,000 tons of compost from incoming waste annually.

Our high-quality compost products are the Kujala Cultivation Compost fresh compost and the Kujala Growth Platform land improvement compost, as well as the seasonally Kujala bio-based organic fertilizer. We supply our high-quality compost products in their entirety for utilization in agriculture, the production of growing media and, on a case-by-case basis, special technical uses. Our partners act as further processors and distributors of compost products.

Kujala Cultivation Compost

Kujala Cultivation Compost is an ecologically sustainable fertilizer. As such, it is suitable for cereals and energy crops, landscaping and erosion control. Fresh compost binds moisture and nutrients well and improves the crumb structure and fertility of the soil.

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In agriculture, the repeated use of crop compost enables efficient field cultivation. When Kujala Cultivation Compost is used in cereal fields according to the farm-specific cultivation plan, the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium it contains can replace other fertilizers. The use of fresh compost improves the physical, chemical and biological quality of the field. In this way, the amount of nutrients released to plants can be significantly increased. Cultivation compost can be applied with a modern precision spreader 500-1000 m³ per day.

Kujala Substrate Compost

Kujala Substrate Compost is a long-matured high-quality soil improvement compost that is suitable for use as a sub-raw material for high-quality substrates, soil improvement and erosion prevention. It is homogeneous and hygienic and does not contain weed seeds. The medium compost is delivered for further processing to soil manufacturers, who use it as one of the soil raw materials.