A reliable and responsible partner

The most important operating principles of our plant are environmental responsibility, operational reliability and flexibility. Thanks to the combined gasification and composting process, a staggering 98% of the biowaste and sewage sludge delivered as raw material can be utilized. The end products end up being 100% utilized as compost products or renewable energy.

– Established in 2003 (operated under the name Kujalan Komposti Oy until 2013)
– Ownership: Lahti Aqua Oy 60%, Salpakierto Oy 40%
– Our work community includes 15 high-level professionals
– We are one of Finland’s largest biogas production and processing plants for transport. Our partner is Gasum Oy.
– The total area of our plant is 11,931 m²
– The waste treatment capacity of our plants is 80,000 tons per year