The Environment

Our continuous investment in research and development enables efficient operation and achieving the high environmental criteria set by us.

We operate in accordance with the terms of the environmental permit. We send reports about the operation of our facilities regularly to the Häme ELY Center and the Finnish Food Authority.

With the help of the biological three-stage odorous gas treatment process, the odor emission level of our plant is 500 hy / m³, when the maximum permissible value is 2500 hy / m³.

Thanks to the dry digestion technology we use, almost no process wastewater is generated that is harmful to the environment or difficult to purify. A small amount of wastewater is discharged from our plant for later treatment at the Lahti Aqua wastewater treatment plant.

Recycled fuel biogas from your own waste material

Our corporate customers who supply us with biowaste can use the biogas produced by our plant as their energy source. Biogas called Omaenergia is delivered to customer companies via Gasum Oy’s gas network.

Environmental and operating permits

LABIO Oy has an environmental permit No. 86/2014/1, Dnro ESAVI / 179 / 04.08 / 2012 for the treatment of all types of biowaste materials and sludges on the market.

We also have the Finnish Food Authority’s plant approval in accordance with the By-product Regulation (EC) 1774/2002 (approval number FIC3-002 / 762/2004). In addition, we have the only composting plant permit in Europe for hygienisation under the Animal By-Products Directive; 12mm, 70 ° C, 1h. In our plant, living by-products belonging to category 3 (LK3) can be converted. We also deal with manure (LK2) and digestive tract content (LK2) from farm animals.

Our plant processes raw meat and fish from trade and wholesale, as well as packaged food waste.