Treatment Services

We treat all types of bio-waste and wastewater treatment sludge efficiently in accordance with strict environmental criteria. We want to maintain and develop our reliability, which is valued by our customers. Our plant has treated more than 500,000 tons of bio-waste and sludge since 2005 without a single shutdown day.

  1. Households (see waste sorting instructions)
  2. Industry (e.g. the food industry)
  3. Shops and wholesalers
  4. Municipal utilities (e.g. waste water treatment plants)
  5. Farming and forestry
  6. Fisheries
  7. Horticulture

Commercial and industrial bio-waste

We process raw meat and fish, plant-based bio-waste and other foodstuffs to be disposed of with any packaging (glass and metal packaging will be received as separate deliveries). We also accept challenging items, e.g. emptying of sea containers, IBCs, etc. All food waste can be delivered in the same load. We supply the separated packaging material in its entirety for energy recovery. Our plant also treats waste in accordance with Class 2 (LK 2) and Class 3 (LK 3) of the Animal By-Products Decree.

Sludge treatment

We also treat sludge from waste water treatment plants. The typical type of sludge that is suited for composting is different kinds of municipal sewage sludge, as well as industrial wet sludge.